Rhody Days, Florence OR.

May 17, 2014   Rhody Days Show and Shine
Every Year, Florence Oregon celebrates Rhody Days.
The Car Show is a tradition of Springtime. Over 300 cars attended.
The weather was perfect, the sky was blue, and the Cars were Bitchin’.

7 thoughts on “Rhody Days, Florence OR.

  1. Some of us have post 1975 modified cars that are every bit as impressive as the older vehicles, but we are not welcome.

    • So, join a show for newer cars. There are lots of shows around Oregon for all types of vehicles. Just because this one was for older cars is nothing for you to whine about.

  2. I noticed you had a car show (Rhody Days) in May. Do you have any other car shows later in the summer? We wern’t able to make the one you had last year, just hoping we could make one this year, any coming up? I have an aunt living in Florence, and would love to visit family and come to a car show. Thank You, Paul And Dianne Brown

    • The next Show in Florence is July 5th Weekend. Check here for “Wings and Wheels” at the HotRod Calendar. Also Beachcomber Days on June 21 is nearby in Yahats. Check back at the HotRod Calendar for upcoming events all year.

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