Kool Coastal Nights – Burnout Review



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–Gary McDaniel

I invited everyone to join me, but even with no takers, I fired up the old Vega, and had a great run down to Winchester Bay for the Kool Costal Nights Burnouts Contest. When I arrived there were lots of show cars settled into their parking spot ready for Saturday morning. Some guys told me the action was across the marina. There were lots of bikers, families and kids. The action was already underway with all the tall people crowded up against the barricades. It turns out there were only 6 vehicles. 3 Camaros, and 3 pickups. With only a couple stoplight style burnouts, it mostly involved locking down the front, water the pavement, and fry the tires until they exploded and burst into flame. This takes a couple minutes to reach the conclusion, creating a very large cloud of rubber smoke, sure to qualify as an environmental disaster. After the offending vehicle limped away on blackened shop wheels and the crowd cheered, the Fire Department ran out with extinguishers and raked up the smoldering debris. …It was something to do, but I think for next year… I’m just going down to the Beachcomber and have a couple beers.

Beachcomber Days – The Movie

What a great day. About 17 Rhody Cruisers met up early, and rolled to Waldport for the US 101 Car Club show Beachcomber Days. It was a fabulous turnout by the club with about 25 cars. Happy faces and shiny cars were everywhere. There were many awards to club members (even me). The public admiring the cars, wanted more stories and kept us on our feet talking cool cars. Rhody Cruisers… Best club participation award.

Beachcombers 15 from Gary McDaniel on Vimeo.

Bring A Kid To A Car Show

IMG_6667Spending quality time with a kid is the greatest gift you can give them.
Sharing your appreciation for Hot Rods and Classic Cars is a great way to grow their interest. Its a hobby that you can share together for years to come.
This is one of my favorite pictures from Rhody Days ’14

Rhody Days Car Show… The Movie

Rhody ShirtsIt was great seeing everyone at the Show. The day was perfect. I had a wonderful time buzzing around, meeting people, taking 250 pictures, and a bunch of video. I know I missed a lot of cars, I even missed my own…

If you have pictures to
share, or Cruise Video,

please send them to me.

The Movie is a bit too long at 15 minutes, but I just couldn’t cut anyones car.
The Cruise is only the last 1 minute. Take Pictures or save a Biker? Hmm…
ENJOY THE MOVIE.   Permanent location: “Past Events”    …Please Comment.

Let’s See If This Baby Runs…

WebuildingPostHello… I’ve been expecting you. You may know I have been talking about this website for about a year. I’ve spent a lot of time working underneath, welding brackets, building linkages and connecting wires. So let’s open the hood and see where we are. The engine is WordPress v3.9 driving a GoDaddy Host. Painted with a TwentyEleven-child Theme. I got the blog posts running smooth, and pictures showing up as hoped, but not without extreme confusion. I just installed a cool Event Calendar.  I’m starting to load some events in the schedule. I think this is going to be important to visitors. Check it out from the menu “HotRod Calendar”. There’s a lot more parts still on the bench, so I’m goin’ back underneath and make more sparks.
Hang out.. look around

Cruisin’ Thru Town

OldTown1One of the main reasons I moved to Florence 4 years ago was for the car culture. On any sunny day you see cool cars cruising in town, and parked in Old Town. Muscle cars, Street Rods, Vintage Hot Rods, Radical Restorations, and endless varieties in between. The Oregon Coast offers up lots of Car Shows and events in the summer, making a fun low cost outing for gear heads, families and everyone who loves classic cars. (“I had one just like that”).  Continue reading