How to Sell Your Classic Car

Gary Says:
This document is a reflection of the process I developed in my Real Estate Brokerage over a period of 30+ years, and adapted from my last Real Estate Website, Lourence Ranch Homes, in Tracy CA.    

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You are what you drive.
We all take great pride in our Classic Cars and Hot Rods. 
… It’s not just transportation any more. It’s a representation of who we are, the piece we move around the board, a resume on wheels.
… We love to dig around to find a rattle, and flip through the Summit Catalog imagining the next upgrade.
… We take them out to play, and hang with our friends.

Classic Cars are a very valuable asset.
Life happens, and things change. 
… Maybe you want something cooler. That Classic you always wanted is within reach, but first you have to make room, & get money.
… Often times, we just stop using them, but they still require care, maintenance,
and storage. 
… As an important asset, they need to be accounted for,
and Estate Planning may call for liquidation.

Sometimes we need to Sell them
You know a lot about cars, but not so much about internet marketing.
…The Internet is the worlds largest Vehicle Marketplace. You need to know how to best present your car, create interest, and maximize the exposure to Hot Rod and Classic Car Buyers worldwide.

I think I can help.
I have been helping friends sell their Classic Car
by building an Internet Presentation and Managing their Internet Marketing. 

… Let me explain in greater detail. 

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