1930 Ford Highboy Coupe

Owned By: Steve Whaley    City; Eugene, OR
Club Member: Loose Nuts

Steve’s favorite cruise Spots:
Any open road, whether its in the valleys, on the coast, or in the mountains….wherever there is a destination and others who wanna go there too ….in THEIR hot rods.

Steve… Tell me the story
My brother in law Tom had just begun rebuilding the car in Mira Loma California, and had not got very far with it when he died in 1997, the year after we first met him at Hot August Nights and he told me of his passion and his dream for this car and how much he was looking forward to driving it. It had been a full fendered hot rod back in the 60’s and he was going to completely redo it into a “Full On STREET” rod with new fenders, power everything, fancy paint…etc. As it turned out I was looking for a coupe at the time, and his widow (my wife’s sister) offered the remains of the car to us if we could come down and take it away. Continue reading

1940 Buick Series 50

Owned By: Don Stone    City; Florence, OR
Club Member: Rhody Cruiser

Don Sez… I’ve always enjoyed the ‘art deco’ style exhibited by my 1940 Pontiac and now my 1940 Buick. This Buick for the moment, is BONE stock. However, I’m leaning towards keeping the body stock and upgrading the chassis to more modern and safer running gear.
Time will tell..

Gary’s First Hot Rod…

Old Dodge_edited-1

circa 1964

I started working on my first Hot Rod in about 1964. It was a ’17 Dodge bucket, model A frame and a 312 Thunderbird engine. It was someone else’s abandoned project… pretty much a piece of junk, but I got it going and drove it around anyway knowing I could build better.
As a young guy, freshly married and a couple toddlers, time and money was limited. That engine and 4 speed were transitioned, over the next 12 years into a pretty sweet glass body T roadster pickup. Hmm.. I must have a picture here someplace.

These pictures just turned up. Photos are circa 1975 or so. This is my second Hot Rod, and made partly from my first. It’s running that 312 Thunderbird with a “Police Interceptor” Intake setup. T-10 4-Speed, and an early Jaguar e-type rear end. Oh to be 30 again..

1976 Corvette Coupe

Owned By: Bob Eaton   City: Veneta, Oregon
Member: Valley Cruisers

When Bob Eaton Retired, he started looking for a car he could play with. He always liked the C-3 corvette and wanted a one owner with low miles. So 11 yrs. ago Bob found this one in Tucson AZ, and shipped it up. It has 50,000 on it now. Its been a blast.

Bob Says: He built the car with his Son. The 350 is not stock, I have no idea the h.p. is but it’s fast. I had Ed Hub paint the car 10 years ago with ghost flames. It still looks like it was done yesterday. Then last year I had him air brush the back, Looks so cool. Its a blast to drive and gets lots of looks.

Favorite Cruise Spot: Any Country Road

1957 Chevy Bel-Air 4Dr Hardtop

Owned By: Dick Johnson    City; Coupeville, WA
Club Member: Rhody Cruiser

This Beautiful ’57 is running a 283 Chevy bored 30 over, mild cam and stock 2bbl carb. Still running the original cast iron powerglide. Complete driveline has around 500 miles on it.
We bought the car about a year and four months ago at a car show thinking back I wish we would have taken the car and really gone over it closely because I would never have bought it if I had. The car has been in the shop up on stands since a month after we bought it redoing everything the guy did that we bought it from. I refer to him as the framing carpenter who thinks he is a cabinet maker. Long story endless, I am down to some trans issues due to the fact that I put a tilt column in the car and they don’t make a neutral safety switch that is compatible so I am installing a digital switch and nobody makes any linkage that I can find for the new column and the old powerglide but we are getting there. .. I did and still do get a lot of help from my very good friend Bruce (OLLIE) Freeman. When it comes down to moral support, and when you need that third hand he is always there. I definitely need to give him credit for getting the car to where it is today.

I am hoping to have it together in time to bring it down to the car show in September but we will see.

Favorite Cruise Spots:
Florence Oregon with my sister and brother in law Jan & Denny Brandow and our good friends Reid and Martha Ransom and Tim and Pat Smith.

Bonneville Racer… The Build

Shop Tour… Reid & Martha Ransom, Member: Rhody Cruisers, Florence OR.
At the last meeting I was invited by Reid to visit his shop and check out his race car, still on jack stands. Heck yeah… I’ve been trying to figure out what he is building.

IMG_7250Reid is now 10 years into this elaborate project. What started as a 1985 Nissan 300 ZX is now bound for  Bonneville Speed Week next September. Running in D/Modified Sports Class, Reid is looking at an existing D/GMS record of 246.55

Reid designed and fabricated the tube frame, chassis sheet metal, suspension, and a million details per class requirements. The front body section has been extended 15 in. to extend the wheelbase and improve aerodynamics. The engine is a SBC 283 at 305ci. The former race engine has Iron Eagle Heads, Dry Sump, 750 Holly and a ton of internal mods you can ask Reid about.

The body is nearly ready for paint, which Reid plans to shoot himself. Then reassembly of hundreds of components and all the details… (where the devil resides).

The car is scheduled to run at Bonneville Salt Flats this year.
GO Reid…

Learn More about Land Speed Racing:
Salt 101 – Bonneville Racing Guide … (Hot Rod Magazine.)

By: Gary McDaniel

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Rods ‘N Rhodies – Best Of Show

The 7th Annual Rods ‘N Rhodies Invitational Car Show held Sept 5-7 was a great Success. I am working on a feature presentation about the show, but for now, savor these Best Of Show photos.

Winner of the High End Hot Rod Class, Voted by other owners in that Class:
— 1955 Chevy Nomad, owned by Glen Jhanke from Gold Hill, Oregon


Winner of the Open Class, as Voted by other owners in that Class:
— 1958 Buick “Limited” 4 Door Hardtop , owned by Jim and Kathy Schutte from Salem, Oregon …Members of Willamette Valley Street Rods


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“Crusin’ The Bay” – Lincoln City

We Cruised to Lincoln City and we saw incredible cars we have never seen before. Jim said that many of those cars should be invited to the Rods ‘n Rhodies show in Old Town.  We had a great fun day and fantastic interaction with every one. There were 95 cars and the trophies were incredible. A lot of the cars that were at the show (including the first inclusion of electric cars) were beautiful and the people were very friendly and very interactive.
The Rhody Cruisers won 4 trophies as well as 25 other winners.
By: Sonja Adie

Gary’s Old Vega Hot Rod

Owned By: Gary & Dianne McDaniel  City: Florence OR
Club Member: Rhody Cruisers Glass Vega

’74 Chevy Vega Kammback …350 Chevy, 5 Speed Manual, 12 Bolt Posi.
I built this car in the ’80s. For 3 years it was my only daily driver/street racer while I kept working on it. I had a lot of fun romping around, blowing the doors off (most) detroit muscle. Eventually my cooling problems wore me out, and the Vega wound up under a cover for the following 10 years. Technical story here Continue reading