1957 Chevrolet 3200 Pickup • SOLD !!

This is a very nice 1957 Chevrolet 3200 Pickup. Long Wheelbase, LongBed. 


The owner of this truck Is a member of Rhody Cruisers Car Club in Florence, OR.
He and his Truck are often seen at Member Meetings,
Cars & Coffee and Bay Street Roll.
The local car guys check it out, and offer nice complements every time.

There is a SlideShow too. Click Here to Watch & Listen

So… Here Is The Story
Ken really liked liked it when it belonged to his neighbor in Utah. Eventually, the neighbor agreed to sell, and it was driven to the other side of the fence to start a new life. It was pretty good for a completely original working man’s truck, but needed some love. 

The plan was to make a really nice Cruiser. He wanted to keep it all stock, and as original as possible. No big engine, no chopping the suspension, no flashy wheels. Just a really clean original ’57 Chevy Truck he could take to local Car Shows, hang out with car guys, cruise around town, or load up and go camping.
• Check out this cool brochure for the Chevy “Task•Force” Trucks.
• The Truck Line remained unchanged from 55-58, except some annual upgrades.

What’s special about this truck is that a LongBed 3204 model is pretty rare, with the optional side mount spare tire, small back window, and radio delete with blocking plate.
• It has a 235 Cubic Inch inline 6 cylinder, 140hp Thriftmaster engine.
• 4 Speed synchromesh transmission, with a really low first gear.

Here is a bunch of technical stuff about this truck if you are interested. 
Tech Specs, Dimensions etc. for the 1957 Line. Scroll down to find the 3204.
Okay… Let’s get to work.
First it needed some mechanical work. After he got it all cleaned up, he replaced the fuel system with a new tank, lines and fuel pump. The radiator and hoses were replaced just to be cool. The electrical system need some work, so some wiring was straightened out, and replaced the battery, generator and belts. Single barrel Carb was rebuilt and Ignition components replaced.
All the brake components were serviced, including new lines. The heater, and wipers work just fine. All systems operate exactly as you expect.

Next the body needed some attention. This working truck had the usual scars, but no big dents… overall, very straight. Lots of body prep followed, with late nights sanding and fussing and priming and tweaking. After about a year, it was finally ready for paint, and went to a respected painter for final prep and a very nice paint job. Add 5 new tires, New Cloth Uhpolstery, and Interior detailing. 

I personally rode with the owner over to Three Rivers Casino to get some photos. It starts immediately and idles smoothly. Pulling away, the clutch operates smooth, starting out in second gear (first gear is for working really hard). It rolls down the road straight with no drifting to any side. No weird rattles, bangs or smoke. Just a really nice truck to drive. 

If you are thinking about buying a sweet “Tri-Five” Pickup to Cruise & Use for your personal projects or moving stuff around, this is really nice. Please don’t drop a ton of gravel in the beautiful bed, but expect lots of “thumbs up” rolling thru Old Town. 


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