Cruiser Newser Archive

I bet you’ve noticed… There has been little new content for a while in the Rhody Cruisers Section.
Here is my excuse, and what I’m doing about it.

The problem with an actual website is that the “User”, that’s you, has to navigate to it. It doesn’t come to you. It’s great for display, and archive, but it doesn’t come to you.
… eMail comes to you. So that seems the best way for me to reach you and keep you informed.
The CRUISER NEWSER was born and has been well received.
I create the Newser in MailChimp, a graphics and eMail management software, separate from OregonCoastHotRods, built in WordPress. If I were to include all the news on the website, I would have to recreate it from scratch. Ummm… No.
But I can give them to you here, for you to browse. It’s really fun to go back in time and see what we were doing. I will update this list with each new one.

Here is the Archive of all CRUISER NEWSER Issues So Far:


12/06/2016 – Rhody Cruisers – Toy Drive – Christmas

12/06/2016 – Rhody Cruisers – Toy Drive – Christmas

11/19/2016 – Rhody Cruisers TOY RUN

11/02/2016 – Rhody Cruisers – Breaking News – Nov. Update

10/19/2016 – Rhody Cruisers – Passing of Eric Baldwin

10/18/2016 – Rhody Cruisers – Elkton Update

10/10/2016 – Rhody Cruisers – Lost Keys, Upcoming Events

10/06/2016 – Rhody Cruisers ..Another Update

10/04/2016 – Rhody Cruisers – PICNIC SATURDAY