1976 Corvette Coupe

Owned By: Bob Eaton   City: Veneta, Oregon
Member: Valley Cruisers

When Bob Eaton Retired, he started looking for a car he could play with. He always liked the C-3 corvette and wanted a one owner with low miles. So 11 yrs. ago Bob found this one in Tucson AZ, and shipped it up. It has 50,000 on it now. Its been a blast.

Bob Says: He built the car with his Son. The 350 is not stock, I have no idea the h.p. is but it’s fast. I had Ed Hub paint the car 10 years ago with ghost flames. It still looks like it was done yesterday. Then last year I had him air brush the back, Looks so cool. Its a blast to drive and gets lots of looks.

Favorite Cruise Spot: Any Country Road

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