Grand Opening at O’Reilly

With only 1 days notice, I washed a winter’s worth of shop slime off the Vega, in the middle of a heavy rain storm. O’Reilly said there was only space for 5 cars, but the Hot Dogs were free, and promised a cup of swag. The morning broke bright, and I blew into town to find a row of open hoods.

Mike Groshong brought the Lil’ 40, Jim Adie his perfect ’47 Mercury, Bob Brown with his ’29 Model A, and Gary McDaniel with the Vega. John Machi showed up with a beautiful ’68 Barracuda Notchback that is new to the lineup. Several Rhody Cruisers showed up to say Hi and hang out a while. Kim Shelton rolled through with his long low dually, and Tony Phillips with his not so humble 55 Chevy. I’m ready for summer… well almost.