1957 Chevy Bel-Air 4Dr Hardtop

Owned By: Dick Johnson    City; Coupeville, WA
Club Member: Rhody Cruiser

This Beautiful ’57 is running a 283 Chevy bored 30 over, mild cam and stock 2bbl carb. Still running the original cast iron powerglide. Complete driveline has around 500 miles on it.
We bought the car about a year and four months ago at a car show thinking back I wish we would have taken the car and really gone over it closely because I would never have bought it if I had. The car has been in the shop up on stands since a month after we bought it redoing everything the guy did that we bought it from. I refer to him as the framing carpenter who thinks he is a cabinet maker. Long story endless, I am down to some trans issues due to the fact that I put a tilt column in the car and they don’t make a neutral safety switch that is compatible so I am installing a digital switch and nobody makes any linkage that I can find for the new column and the old powerglide but we are getting there. .. I did and still do get a lot of help from my very good friend Bruce (OLLIE) Freeman. When it comes down to moral support, and when you need that third hand he is always there. I definitely need to give him credit for getting the car to where it is today.

I am hoping to have it together in time to bring it down to the car show in September but we will see.

Favorite Cruise Spots:
Florence Oregon with my sister and brother in law Jan & Denny Brandow and our good friends Reid and Martha Ransom and Tim and Pat Smith.