C. J. Tells An Amazing Story

IMG_6840Caroline (C. J.) Booth, a Rhody Cruiser, is a self described strong, stubborn, blonde, Norwegian.
But that’s only part of her charm. She loves driving and showing her own perfect 1963 Chevy II, Miss Libby.

Last week she was told by the Doctors that she had serious heart blockages and needed surgery immediately. Her reaction was that she can’t need surgery, doesn’t do meds and wants to “keep things stock, and in original condition”. After talking with the doctors, she agreed to do the surgery the next day.

On the day before surgery, C.J. wrote in a letter to all Rhody Cruisers:
— “Many of You know that this last summer while we Cruisers were driving back from a show in Waldport, my beloved (stock) Chevy, “Miss Libby”  simply died as I geared down to go through the tunnel. Try as we might, none of the club members were able to get her started again. The tow truck took us to Dr. Dan McIntyre. Her points were corroded, so I had a new Electronic Ignition put in. …Well, I don’t want to conk out before the tunnel of life and be TOWED home! So, if Miss Libby runs better with a little upgrade and help, I guess I can do it too. : )
— “However,,, if I do pass over to the other side, Miss Libby will be there too, and probably burning a little rubber. When YOU get to the Pearly  Gates , if you don’t hear her pipes, your in the wrong spot!

She’s Back !
The following day, after entering and exiting the operating room, the Doctors met her in the recovery room to announce that her heart is TOTALLY healthy, and vessels ALL clear. He said there must have  been a “MIS-READING” of the heart failure and clogging we first thought, and were sending her home.
C.J. says “I think God  DID A MIRACLE on this body ! He’s the one that cleared it Up!”
“Thanks all of you for the prayers and good thoughts , my love to each one of you.”
Sonja… thank you for your wonderful job of keeping us connected via E-Mails.”
— C. J. Booth

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