Bonneville Racer… The Build

Shop Tour… Reid & Martha Ransom, Member: Rhody Cruisers, Florence OR.
At the last meeting I was invited by Reid to visit his shop and check out his race car, still on jack stands. Heck yeah… I’ve been trying to figure out what he is building.

IMG_7250Reid is now 10 years into this elaborate project. What started as a 1985 Nissan 300 ZX is now bound for  Bonneville Speed Week next September. Running in D/Modified Sports Class, Reid is looking at an existing D/GMS record of 246.55

Reid designed and fabricated the tube frame, chassis sheet metal, suspension, and a million details per class requirements. The front body section has been extended 15 in. to extend the wheelbase and improve aerodynamics. The engine is a SBC 283 at 305ci. The former race engine has Iron Eagle Heads, Dry Sump, 750 Holly and a ton of internal mods you can ask Reid about.

The body is nearly ready for paint, which Reid plans to shoot himself. Then reassembly of hundreds of components and all the details… (where the devil resides).

The car is scheduled to run at Bonneville Salt Flats this year.
GO Reid…

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By: Gary McDaniel

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