Les Schwab Customer Appreciation Day

Saturday, August 30th, the Rhody Cruisers will be celebrating, with the public enjoying Gifts for the kids, Free Sodas and Hot Dogs at this community support day. KCST will have live remote from 11-2 PM.  Cars can start parking at 8:00 AM.  Linda Brown will be there selling tickets for her Old Hats Show at the Senior Center to the ladies.  Tickets are $15.00 each for the October 18th event sponsored by the Lions.
Note from Gary: This was the first show I attended with the Cruisers after bringing my Vega up from Modesto. Later, I wrote to my son:

IMG_5343I heard there was a club show (Rhody Cruisers) at Les Schwab… Maybe 30 cars. OK, Ill check it out.
So… I’m across the street, at the light, waiting to turn. Most cars were already there. I look over and see all these heads popping up like Prairie Dogs. Buy the time I got to the parking guy, we had every eye’s attention. A lot of guys came over while I parked. “haven’t seen a Vega for …”  one guy actually said “Geeze thats Bitchen!”

What followed was bright sun and ever increasing wind. Free Hot Dogs, Les Schwab posters and coffee cups… Oh, MY! Lots of people walking thru.
“I had one just like that… What year was it Hunnie?” “What is it?” …”Didn’t Ralph Nader make those illegal?” No, Mam, your thinkin’ Corvair. I have one of those too…
— I Told everyone my boy Mark was lead wrench and co-visionary.
All together a pretty fun day.