Gary’s Old Vega Hot Rod

Owned By: Gary & Dianne McDaniel  City: Florence OR
Club Member: Rhody Cruisers Glass Vega

’74 Chevy Vega Kammback …350 Chevy, 5 Speed Manual, 12 Bolt Posi.
I built this car in the ’80s. For 3 years it was my only daily driver/street racer while I kept working on it. I had a lot of fun romping around, blowing the doors off (most) detroit muscle. Eventually my cooling problems wore me out, and the Vega wound up under a cover for the following 10 years. Technical story here I had built a 350 SBC, Fully balanced, 2.02 heads, Edelbrock with 650 Holley, Mallory distributor and MSD ignition, and Sanderson shorty headers (now). I came up with a B&M TH400 tranny to hang the shifter on, connected to a narrowed Don Hardy 12 Bolt Posi. I worked out few more details, welded up a couple brackets, twisted some wires together, and I had a hot rod. … In 2010, while moving, I fired up the Vega, and drove it to my sons place for an undetermined future. He has a nice shop on his property. One weekend we had it on his 4 post lift, havin” a couple shots, and talking about making a few upgrades and putting it back on the street. … It took a couple of years to build subframe connectors, add sway bars, dropped S10 spindles, disk brakes around, 17″ American Wheels with 45 series tires and some exhaust work. I fixed a lot of old problems, cleaned up stuff, watched details & fixed the cooling.
— It remains a vintage Hot Rod project.
Today I enjoy cruising the Oregon Coast with my old Hot Rodder friends.

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