Gary’s Old Vega Hot Rod

Owned By: Gary & Dianne McDaniel  City: Florence OR
Club Member: Rhody Cruisers Glass Vega

’74 Chevy Vega Kammback …350 Chevy, TH 400, 12 Bolt Posi.
I built this car in the ’80s. For 3 years it was my only daily driver/street racer while I kept working on it. I had a lot of fun romping around, blowing the doors off (most) detroit muscle. Eventually my cooling problems wore me out, and the Vega wound up under a cover for the following 15 years. Technical story here Continue reading

1947 Mercury Town Sedan

Owned By: Jim and Sonja Adie  City: Florence OR
Club Member: Rhody Cruisers


    Upon retirement in 1995, my new-found leisure hours were to  be filled with my first auto restoration.  Being an engineer and having worked on several engines over the years, I felt this was a worthwhile project I could handle.

   My vehicle search was limited to the local area and a car that was complete and within my capabilities.  I wanted a mid to late ‘30s,  but after a year of searching and seeing numerous basket cases, I settled on a Mercury Fordor Sedan  with considerable surface rust inside and out.  I trailered it home, maneuvered it into my garage and started my official project.

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