Sometimes They Break…

IMG_6827By: C.J. Booth
Please pass on this message of my gratitude to all the awesome persons that helped me and my “Miss Libby”, as she broke down right as I started into the tunnel on our return home trip.  A huge Thank You to all the strong guys that helped push her ALL the way UP hill through to the other side and helped work on her! And to Karen Buckmaster for making the phone calls to my husband to get the tow truck. The car and I where taken to Dan McIntyre’s with husband following to get me back home. Thank God no one was hurt (other then sore muscles), it wasn’t raining or dark and all the while traffic made it past us safely. What a story this is !!

To me it confirms that when we travel together to the shows (or cruises) it’s also good to travel back home together. We sure have a wonderful car club, with awesome souls that I am so grateful to know .       Love to all,  Carolyn  “C.J”   Booth

2 thoughts on “Sometimes They Break…

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    That’s what friends are for! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    ♥ Karen

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