1935 Dodge Flatbed Sleeper

Owned By: Ross and Jody Kroenert  City: Florence OR
Club Member: Hot Rods Unlimited, Rhody Cruisers

Ross built this truck with lots of help from club members.
Engine: 406 Chevy with Scat reciprocating assembly, AFR aluminum heads, Howards cam, ceramic headers, Pyres mufflers, Edelbrock intake and 4bbl., dual fans on rebuilt original radiator, 140A alternator, Grand Rock custom stacks..
Transmission: Heavily modified 700R4  Rear end: Dana70
The basic truck is a 78 Chevy dually chassis stretched about 2 feet. It has 2 gas tanks, one from a Mustang and one from a 90 Ford Ranger ’cause that’s what the salvage yard had available at the time!
Misc additions: added electric windows, CB, on board compressor for train horns below bed, AC, PS, LED lighting, removed 5 leaves from rear springs and new front suspension.The Story:

For about 12 years I was the sales and marketing director for a couple different high performance parts manufacturers. As a result I got paid to attend 12-15 trade and consumer shows each year to show the product lines to distributors and street rod shops with the salesmen! In 2003, at one of these events, the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, I stumbled upon this truck for sale as an unfinished project. I struck a deal with the owner and had it shipped to the west coast. In 2004, we replaced the engine with a 350 crate motor, changed the cam and ran it for a few years as I added other upgrades to the truck.

A couple years ago I decided to put in a high torque motor, so a couple engine building members of my club offered to assist. They designed the assembly, did most of the labor and I wrote the checks to Summit Racing!

This is an everyday work truck. I have used it for the university where I worked until this year to tow trailers, move furniture, and haul materials up and down the San Bernardino Mountains of S. Calif. to the conference center we had at Lake Arrowhead. It is very dependable truck that is also great fun to drive. It cruises 70-75 mph on the freeways @ 2200RPM. It sports a custom paint job by Home Depot – Gloss Black Rustoleum applied with a roller once a year! But from 20′, it looks OK.

Favorite Cruise Spots: Anywhere near the beach, local weekly gatherings, and back road trips. We enjoy the camaraderie and friendships of fellow car people, no matter what they are driving