Mark’s ’68 Camaro RS

Owned and Built by: Mark McDaniel, Modesto CA.   Member: Rhody Cruisers

IMG_6288I got my first Camaro when I graduated high school, as a gift from Mom n’ Dad. It was a ’68 base model that my friend owned, but he decided to go into the army and I was eager to get it from him before he disappeared into the jungle. It was my first love with a V8, and I played with it every day. Unfortunately, I wrecked it one night in the rain.Apparently the M-50-14’s weren’t enough traction to keep me goin’ straight.

I pulled off all the goodies I had added, and built another one. A Camaro ’68 Rally Sport that I found in the newspaper for $1,400. After 8 years of building it from the frame up, I ended up with this car. By this time, I was old enough and smart enough to keep the shiny side up. So here we are, 20 years later. Still tinkering, I always find something that I can make better on it. Will it ever be done?

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