Mark’s ’68 Camaro RS

Owned and Built by: Mark McDaniel, Modesto CA.   Member: Rhody Cruisers

IMG_6288I got my first Camaro when I graduated high school, as a gift from Mom n’ Dad. It was a ’68 base model that my friend owned, but he decided to go into the army and I was eager to get it from him before he disappeared into the jungle. It was my first love with a V8, and I played with it every day. Unfortunately, I wrecked it one night in the rain. Continue reading

Student becomes the Master • Master becomes the Student

2 HotRodsBack in 1974 when I was finishing up my Corvair Sand Rail, my oldest son, Mark, was 10 years old, chasing wrenches, and could make a strong weld. 35 Years later, Mark is a genuine Hot Rodder, and builder of fine machines in his shop. Just Passin’ it to the next generation.
When we were reBuilding the Vega …
— I’m all like, “Hey, I’m 70 years old… let’s burn some Rubber!”
— He’s like… OK, but you gotta’ pull out all this stuff, and clean it.

1950 Mercury …Total Custom

Owned by: Mike Branson of Florence OR, a Rhody Cruisers member.

This beautiful Led Sled style Mercury was built by Mike and his friends.
It’s powered by a 383 Chevy, TH350 Transmission plus a 10 bolt rear.

The top is chopped 5 in, hood pancaked 4 in. Fat man front end, ps, disc brakes, air conditioning, Dakota digital dash, reverse hood opening, electric windows and door openers, flame throwers, matching wheels and steering wheel of billet alum. Back up camera Caddy tail lights, full custom body work, all white leather inter, and trunk, Gold metal flake paint, exhaust headers and custom exhaust. Blue glow running lights.
Great job Mike!